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Wouldn't it be great if dogs came knowing everything about how to be a GOOD DOG

Unfortunately that's not how dogs work and we have to teach them... well, everything.

There is a vast amount of misinformation about dog training, gear, tools and diets, it is easy to feel frustrated and helpless.

If you're feeling overwhelmed and wondering how you and your dog can go from frustration and desperation, to and amazing and joyful relationship...

Then Inspired by Dogs is for you!

"I have nothing but great things to say about Dina and her training methods.  She is very positive, patient and knowledgeable when it comes to training and animal psychology.  She takes the time to really break things down so that they are truly understood. 
I trust her experience and methods and have seen her do so many amazing things.  She is friendly and really loves passing on her knowledge to ensure proper training and positive experiences for both the dog/s and their owners.  I love watching the connections she makes with the animal she is training as well as her excitement to teach others how to do the same.  You helped me form a strong bond and trusting relationship with my animals.   Thanks Dina for all that you do."
Martina Walker

Training is more than just the basics.

It’s about a strong, respectful relationship that grows in time creating a dog that knows how to sit, stay and come, sure…but also about ignoring distractions, not running out any door when opened, and certainly not accosting the delivery man.


Uncovering that relationship means your dog is safe. It means You are safe.

Inspired By Dogs offers assistance for everyone with a dog; Beginners to Professionals, enhancing the relationship and improving the skills set for all involved. In short sessions, Dina teaches YOU to become your dogs TRAINER.

Dina created Inspired by Dogs to be easy, understandable, and fun to have you asking What’s next? Instead of Not again! With her program you can choose to continue to build on each level and ascend as far as Dog Trainer Certification.

  Inspired By Dogs offers help for everyone with a dog;

beginners to professionals. 

Dina teaches YOU to become your dogs TRAINER.

Dina created Inspired by Dogs to be easy, understandable, and fun. With her program you can choose to continue to build on each level and ascend as far as Dog Trainer Certification.

Dina’s teaching abilities are amazing. She has a way of explaining and performing the task so as to make things simple to understand and incorporate in your daily life with your dog.  She’s also a kick; entertaining to watch and plenty of humor along the way.
What more could you ask for in a dog trainer?
Donna Rose

With the Essential Skills & Games Course

The fastest route to success is building a solid foundation

Key Concepts

Voices & sounds, words & cues, operant conditioning, body language, eye contact, and more!

Motivation, Drive, & Reward

All things food, praise, and how to reward when training. 


Learn how to use games to train your dog. From tug games to crate games, you'll have a game for anything you need.

The ACAR System 

Don't know it? Attention, command, attention, release. Want to learn more about it? Join now!


Know the difference between training and correction and when to use them. 


Sit, down, stay, come, heel, stand, and go! Begin basic obedience with your pup today.


Want to learn a few more tricks? We've got you covered! 

Essential Skills & Games


  • Develop basic management, exercises and motivation to energize your daily training.
  • Designed to be fun, enhance your learning with dynamic and engaging lessons.
  • Learn key concepts for training, games, and basic obedience.
  • Uncover the steps for successful puppy training and socialization.
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The Choice is Simple…

Put an end to the daily struggle. Inspired by dogs will give you the tools and knowledge to make training successful and fun for all dogs.

Teach your dog to be the best and have FUN doing it.


"Simply put, Dina is THE BEST dog trainer you’ll ever meet! Unlike most trainers, her philosophy centers on creating a loving bond with the dog focused on mutual respect and playful interactions.

Your dog is going to WANT to do what you ask of them no matter how hard it is. Every interaction with your dog offers opportunity to teach new things or reinforce what your dog already knows. This way it is fulfilling for you and your dog while also being fun!

Dina knows exactly what your dog needs. Because of this, your dog will learn quickly giving you the results you wish sooner rather than later. Yes, you will need to do your part too being consistent with it but it will be fun and won’t feel like a chore.

We would not recommend any other trainer for your dog needs."

Alex Cataldo







Not sure if you have the time, the energy, the skills? Dina is so confident her Inspired By Dogs courses will work for every dog...

She is offering you an enticing treat.

Try this Mini-Course!

Loose Leash Walking Mini Course


  • Become in control on walks, in the store, and at the park.
  • Learn to teach your dog what heel means
  • Maintain loose leash walking on a walk or hike
  • Take it to off leash walking with your dog!
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